Sunday, 19 December 2010

The Journey

"A man should not be measured by his wealth or status, but by his natural intelligence, intellect and humanity. To do otherwise is to worship a fool. For, if a pauper can disarm a man without having to raise his sword, then who is the more virtuous and honorable man? Then, what worth is a woman who lays beside the fool? If a lonely man can carry the head of a demon in one hand, and his bloody sword in the other through rugged terrain, how courageous is the fool on a gilded horse, protected in glamorous palaces in the company of fools? When a man works tirelessly for his own servitude, without the virtue of awareness, then how false is his existence, while a wise man looks upon the earth with enlightenment, his sword drawn and wings unfolded!" (To be contd.) - Glenn Gordon

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